S4 Character Designs

sifueagle on Nov. 13, 2008

I'm a big fan of character designs so I thought I'd share my designs with the readers. Here are designs for Shinobi Sheriff, Daimyo Deputy, the new primary foe Sheriff Morning Star, and Reverand Graveyard. You'll notice her new visual havs a fantasy Asian silk look about it now.

Something you can see in the sketching is the initial linework. I tend to draw in ball point pen unlike sane and the majority of artists.

Another reason for this update is to get feedback from the readers. My primary comic is Cloud Eagle at drunkduck.com/cloud eagle (a cheap plug??). I wanted to know if there were enough fans of the story for me to warrant keeping up with it or should I put all my energy into my primary work?

S4, Six Shot Shuriken Sheriff, was a personal fun project for me as I worked in a genre I'd never been interested in before. I enjoyed delving into a new world of reference, facts, and creativity. I tend to draw these guys to relax. But there's a difference in just sketching for myself and drawing to put it out to the public. So do you guys want more or is it time to ride off into the sunset…at least for now? Whatever the outcome, thanks for whoever gives me a few minutes to view my work and even more props for the effort of leaving a comment.

Sifu Eagle