Law & Honor Prelude

sifueagle on Sept. 7, 2008

Welcome to Six Shot Shuriken Sheriff! Where the feudal east meets the wild west. Readers of this comic will know me best by my works on Cloud Eagle at

Though Cloud Eagle will always be my flagship work S4 was my first attempt at working on something totally different for me. I'd never even watched a western until I started doing research for this. It became exciting studying and mixing elements of ancient Japan and the west into a new dark world mixed with an anime-esq fantasy feel.

The funniest thing is Cloud Eagle has to warm up to people while S4 always gets immediate excited responses. The following story was done a few years a go and is being brought back to light. Afterwards, I'll start adding new pages to this legend in the making.

You'll notice the comic entitled ‘Shinobi Sheriff’ after the protagonist. It's officially called ‘Six Shot Shuriken Sheriff’ (love the anime western feel of that name) but that's way to long to type. :) Enjoy!