Daimyo Deputy: Flower In the Rough

sifueagle on May 10, 2009

Six Shot Shuriken Sheriff. It's amazing that to get away from the pressures of drawing I draw. S4 is my personal project of mixing the old west and feudal Japan. I consistently get complemented on this idea. It's time I returned to the Dishonored Lands.

At one point I was in serious discussions wiht people in entertainment circles in California to present this. It fell through but the stories have been professionally laid out. For now, I'm going to do short stories of various characters ranging from 5-10 page stories. It'll be very manga with a either a dark or humourous feel, fan service, and over the cool moves. This is where I'll let loose and have fun artistically.

The pages may not be consistent as Cloud Eagle is my flagship work but this will keep coming one way or another with either pin ups, sketches, or stories. First up, Daimyo Deputy. Konichiwa, partner.