the last post!

royduncan100 on Aug. 5, 2013

here we are after all of these years the duck has finally driven me out. why the last post? have i not already said all there is to say? nope ! i talked to pam and told her about my brief meeting with living ledgend of comics NEAL ADAMS! If you think i'm bad about ripping people a new asshole you should hear mr. adams when he gets warmed up! he tells it like it is! i got to hear some great stories about the world of comics and his creative process. it took all my nerve to show him the supercreep comic. he flipped through the book and stopped on a couple of pages to really look at it. he told me to work on some of my layouts and that i needed better placement on the word balloons. the larger word ballons were covering up the art. he also suggested that i try to draw from as many different angels as possible in the layout thumbnail stage. also to watch how i use the computer to resize the pannels so as to not stretch the image to wide or narrow. he told me in no uncertain terms where it needed work and he flipped it over to the positive of the comic. great design of the parody aspect of the old superman and batman as monsters style characters. he also liked the interaction of the characters with one another. then he hit me with the comment of “hauntingly beautifull monotone color schemes.”. he also liked the fact that it did look more animated than a standard comic. when dc and marvel do comics based on animated shows that they tend to be treated as testing grounds for new artistand are moretoned down for the youth market and the stories are not that great because it's just for young kids. in the past when i showed the villain next door to dc comics author roger stern he said i knew how to turn a phrase and deliver a punch line to a joke. with these kinds of comments i come back home to see the nom's for the dd awards and the best i can do is get a dedicated nom. well the duck can't take those positive comments away from me. the positive comments made by the pro's far out weigh any award i could win from those who are better at campaining than drawing! now i really don't want to diminish the work of those artist who did get the nom's but the campain aspect of the awardsdo tend to throw it off balance. i would bet that i could come back to the duck under a false personna do a comic and just gather friends from around my town, mycomic store,my work, brothers, sisters and thier friends and have them sign up and nominate for next years award and thus dominate the nominations in almost every catagory even if the comic sucked. yes, after the noms the judges decide on each of the catagories but the eventhas already been thrown off balance. at the end of the day it's just a numbers game. thus all recognition and meaning that the award might bring falls flat because it's about the campain not the talent. are you really the best of the best or the best of the campainers ? so fuck me and all of my opinions, fuck my work, fuck what others think because i am moving on to my own place. i just hope you will stop by and see what i am up to from time to time. love to the readers, love to the friends!