#532 - 7 & 1/2 Years Comes Down To This?

Rule_of_Three on Feb. 8, 2015

Yes Scotty, I am ending the comic this way. Sorry to disappoint you. I know I left things a little bit cliffhanger-y, but that's how life is sometimes. What are Hazel and Quinn discussing? How will Katerli and Roger's first date go? Will Scotty go for a drink with Floyd in the dumpster? What will life be like for Ivy in Texas (at least that's no mystery, as you can follow her new adventures in Times Like This)?
Thanks to all of you for reading my silly little comic for the last 7 and a half years. And special thanks to my husband Peter for supporting me in this little endeavor, and to Heather, Mikki, Bobbi, Lucille, Nicole, Joe, Aileen, Erin, Lisa, and all the rest of my friends who have allowed me to use them as character muses over the years, and to Thomas and Tanya for the crossover fun :)
Now off to the next adventure: motherhood. AIIIYIIIIIII!!!