#27: Cossack, scientist trough hardships and kidnappings

boilman on May 24, 2008

Sorry it took so long people. My school work has been interfering with my online-time, and having purchased The Orange Box doesn't help too much, either.

Anyway, here's a bit more backstory for the mastermind behind the scenes. But what can he plan with the Pulse Transmission System?

A note for anyone who never played BN3: The Pulse Transmission System (which I'll call PTS from now on) is a system in which brain waves of humans are digitalized, and then send to the net. This allows for humans to walk around on the internet with their Navi's, and even merge with them.
However, it was canceled because it was deemed to dangerous. And harm upon you on the Net, would carry over to your real body. Including Deletion.