Cover Art

Strain42 on June 15, 2009

Legal Notice: Many of the demons appearing in this comic are not my own design. They were first created by Kazuma Kaneko and belong to Atlus.

There, that takes care of legal matters. But any main character demon you see is one of mine.

As you may notice, I recently re-did the cover art to make it…well…better.

It's still MS Paint style, but drawn much closer to how I wanna make the series look when it's drawn by hand. Consider it sorta like a halfway mark in the transition between the two.

You also may notice that it says “Johei the 19th” instead of Raidou Kuzunoha the 19th.

In the future, for legal reasons (I think it has something to do with advertising the name) I will probably rename the series. I know it's not as good as RKt19th, but…legal reasons lol