Monstro on July 4, 2010

Ignore the links on the image.

Hello again DD. How have you been? Seeing my last update it's been almost forever since I set foot here again. I'm sorry I haven't been the best webcomic artist in the world, but it's been an inner struggle to even create a new and constant comic. I've even dipped my toes into furry art, and I've jumped in since. (it's helped improve my art immensely. I'm grateful for muzzles and tails).

I feel like I've wronged you guys, not even saying a word to you since the last update.

I can assure you I'm quite alive. I have four rats now, Soliel is still going strong, and is still adorably wrinkly and hairless. I also have a dumbass dog, whom I love dearly in spite of his intelligence.

I'm also 19 as of yesterday. So yes, while you guys were staring at my “Happy Holidays” strip, I was busy doing my own thing. Even finding out that Pop has been made fun of, and that it's actually still loved.

However, I will not be using Drunkduck anymore. Instead I've moved over to Smackjeeves. Here's my profile.

and I just recently promised Devon I will push myself to make a better, and less emotionally stupid journal webcomic, and actually update it on a schedule. Hell I'm going to make sticky notes and signs today and posting them around the desk and my room.

So I guess this is “Hi, I'm not dead. Moving sites.”

Also, it's currently on a short break until Justine gets back from vacation, Tickle My Witch. A collaboration comic involving mostly video game references. SO be sure to check that out too. (and yes, that is a subdomain you see.)