Comic #137: Break Room

MysteriousJeff on July 1, 2020

Next Update is here! Hopefully it is enjoyable.

So the ‘chili pepper transforming into a bicycle’ poster is something that I got from a dream I had when I was around 9 years old. In the dream I was playing Pokémon on a black-and-white Game Boy (I never actually had a black-and-white Game Boy lol) but when I got the bicycle, the screen suddenly showed this 3D and very rainbow cutscene showing a chili pepper transforming into the bicycle! The visual stuck with me for all these years, and it's here now because… I needed something to put on the poster and I thought "well, that visual is Pokémon-related, even if for very obscure reasons!"

The second poster is just a parody of the boxart for Megami Tensei because I was like "OK second poster uhh… maybe a video game boxart paordy cover. Bill's a computer nerd and I think I recall reading somewhere that Shin Megami Tensei is about demon summoning using technology or something close enough to make sense as a ‘reminder this is Bill’s house'.

Also, during June I added some extra webpages to PYC's site over on ComicFury. There's now an About Page and a Cast Page! (PYC did have a Cast Page here way back when DD still had custom layouts, though that old version was pretty bare from what I remember.)