Comic #136: Secret Garden

MysteriousJeff on June 1, 2020

Link to ComicFury version, which has a transcript feature.

I like how Nozo and Bklcbkl are on totally different wavelengths. You can accept the textwall or just find yourself getting angry.

Also, I show my age by making a reference to the Secret Garden, a rather prevalent source of online “mystery” way back in the day. This article I found gives an explanation. One of the things I like about PYC is how I get to incorporate stuff like this into it. It's really an anything goes kind of world. Random area that blocks electromagnetic fields for seemingly no reason? That can happen here!

Also, I tried a new technique to make the lines a bit smoother/less jagged. (Basically, I already produce PYC at 2x the final resolution, so while it's still at full, I applied a 1.5px blur, a very subtle blur, so that it plays nicer with the resize algorithm when taking it to its final resolution.)