Time Bums

TBustah on July 22, 2020

The dead do rise!

My parents moved back to Arizona in 2014, and I had to go with them. To make a very long story short, I'm wrapping up a degree at ASU, and am currently taking a comics class as an elective. If I'm satisfied with the project I'm putting together for the class, I'll post it here. Go ahead and favorite it if you're interested.

As for PSSV and my other comics, I might like to revisit them someday. The reason that I took everything down was that I took a writing class several years ago that really shook my confidence. With what I'd learned, I couldn't stand to look at them anymore. I've since realized that the guy who taught it was kind of full of crap, but I still can't deny that those old comics had some serious flaws. If I can recover my materials from the only hard drive known to contain them, I could see myself doing a reboot at some point.