ZetaZero on Sept. 11, 2010

Apologies to everyone who read, enjoyed and supported this series. However, due to the spreading out of my friends when we headed to University, as well as our exams which took us there, our group is no longer able to effective produce such comic pages anymore. The loss of productivity also comes from the fact that we no longer play sprite games and are losing interest slowly, as well as that there are no new megaman games that cause the inspiration for this series.

Sorry for the late post about this and that many people out there seem to think I was in some major accident and suffered physical injury due to my online absence - that is not true. The reason for this delay is mainly due to the transition from High School to University, I am now an active student at the University of British Columbia, all set up and good to go.

This comic may be resumed in the future when conditions are met, so I won't be deleting it.

Again, I am very sorry and regret being here saying that I'm closing down the comic. But I feel that I should atleast make a close before leaving it hanging indefinitely.

-ZetaZero and the rest of the ZetaZero Production Team.