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Druchii on Feb. 27, 2010

NOTES: These will on sale ($3 a comic, and $15 a shirt!) very soon from www.mariomora.net and of course at any conventions I happen to show up at.

Currently I will be attending: Planet Comicon and ConQuest with more to follow.

Thanks for reading, everyone. Issue #3 is well underway and expect me to start posting in the next few weeks. Be sure to check my twitter feed for notes on the dates for my updates on here on “@paganzoetrope”.

- Mario


ghostrunner: Glad you like it! :D

albone: Thanks man, I'm hoping this one sells at the Conventions I am doing, so far I've had good feedback on this design. :)

khard12: Thank you! :)

SlideStudios: Thanks buddy! :)