#36 Checking Out

Evil Emperor Nick on Nov. 10, 2008

Well we've start a Night School Wiki now. We'll have to put up some links to the Wiki site & face book here so people can check them out.

Final reminder: Night School comes out THIS week. Please pre-order the book if you can or buy it after it comes out. You can still ask your local comic store to carry the book. The only way we'll get to continue making NS mangas is for this one to sell so it is really important. We want to keep bringing you free comics on Drunk Duck but we can only do that if our print stuff sells.

Lastly check out this awesome fan art posted on the NS Fan page on Face book! (Also on Deviant Art.)

FYI: We are always looking for artist to draw a page ofSchool Nights. If anyone is interested please PQ me and I'll send you the script for a page.