Book V: Page 6

hcnoel on Aug. 20, 2008

The final page of the preview for Mr. Scootles! The graphic novel is going to be in September Previews and on sale in comic book stores in November. Thank you for all of your support- You helped me complete Mr. Scootles and made me once again believe in my creation.
Help Mr. Scootles by asking your local store to order the graphic novel! I will be at the Baltimore Comic Con with a ton of posters and freebies for Mr. Scootles and I'll also be at SPX in October. If you are able to stop by, please do! I will have the Diamond Order Code next week and I will post the info right here along with some more art form the graphic novel. Thank you again for all of your help! Mr. Scootles Lives!

Mr. Scootles
Alterna Comics and H.C. Noel are pleased to announce the debut of the graphic novel, MR. SCOOTLES.

Created years ago by H.C. Noel, MR. SCOOTLES first made its small press debut as self-published single issues.
Now collecting issues 1 through 5 - the 160 page book contains a very unique artistic premise.

The first 70% of the book is in black and white, grayscaled art. The last 30% however is in full-color as Mr. Scootles makes the leap from his world to ours.

First published by Alterna Comics as part of their digital line-up, MR. SCOOTLES has shown that it has the potential to be a hit with the masses. A small cult-following has grown for the book and creator H.C. Noel couldn't be more happy finally release his project in its entire form. When asked about how he felt in regards to MR. SCOOTLES' debut in September Previews, H.C. had this to say, “This has been one of my goals since creating Mr. Scootles. I just want to thank Alterna and Peter for believing in me and my story.”

The following is a short summary of the book's premise: Jason and Kelly, both students at Drumheller Art Institute, find an old film reel of a forgotten cartoon character, Mr. Scootles. Before committing suicide, Mr. Scootle's creator, Weston Lang Jr., placed a curse upon the film reel and himself. Now, as the two friends watch the old filmstrip,
Mr. Scootles awakens in Purgatory.
Mr. Scootles
$17.95 / OGN / 70% B&W 30%
Color / 160 pgs.
Available November!
ISBN: 9780979787438

Own the complete saga of Mr. Scootles right now at! Mr. Scootles is published by Alterna Comics!