Meatware 171

TheJagged on March 27, 2023

And now we know Iki's cyber-AIM handle. Deep lore.

Weekdays are referred to by number, monday = Oneday, tuesday = Twoday, Thirday, Fourday, Fivday, Sixday, Sevday. Renamed to remove any religious implications. A month is stll a month, and a week still a week. Technically a year on ZAM must be a little shorter as the planet spins faster/is smaller than earth, but i refuse to convert that every time. So when i say Iki is 22 years old i mean earth years. In ZAM years she would be “older”. There's also the standardized temporal/senescence years which would be based on original earth years anyway i imagine. Gotta have some intergalactic standard.

Incidentally, had to re-make a lot of songs via AI respec for the weekday renaming.

Oneday you can fall apart
Twoday, thirday, break my heart
Fourday doesn't even start
It's Fivday, i'm in love

Jagged's Bird - Jagged's FA

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