Love Story - Cover Chapter 1

Mistique90 on Aug. 16, 2006

The cover page! =D
Comments appreciated!

On the cover you can see:
- May's the main character… her pic is the largest..
- then you see Dean standing tight behind her with a blue shirt…
- the guy sitting on the table on the left side of May is scott….
- the chibi-girl on May's head is Kelly
- the girl holding a pencil is Mays best friend Lily
- the girl with the red hair is Sora
- the girl with the blond hair is also a good friend of May… her name is Lindsay…
so that was it i gues..

Short Summary:
*this is a comic i made for fun, and it's a comic BASED on real life, so not everything happend real…but the basic things ARE real…XD lol…*
May is a normal girl who goes to school everyday and she thinks she has a boring life untill Dean showed up in her class….that's where this comic begun….May isn't the only girl who's in love with Dean, so she'll have to give everything she has to make him fall in love with her…If you want to know what happens, read the comic u_u