Doppleganger: 4: Belly Flop

Mazoo on Oct. 21, 2007

Hey there folks!!!

Yes, I know, it's been quite a long while, and I'm sorry. I've been working a lot, and school has been rather tough. For our most recent project in AP Art we had to work with a new media with concepts we are not that great at drawing. So I decided to do a five-page, 15 x 19 inch posterboard.


Although I do admit the result was quite awesome, even though I only got the hang of the watercolor by the last page. Oh well. Next we're doing self-portraits, and I'm doing a life size one. HO MAN IT'S GONNA BE COOOOOOOL.

I will try to update on time next week, I really will. It's just a little tough with trying to stay focused in school during senior year and be social AND have a webcomic.

Although good news! I have decided I'm going to screw myself to heck and major in English and Art! I'm dumping Chemistry and just going to pursue the things in life I love. (I am also living my family's destiny they set out for me as being the “starving artist of the family, and living in attic somewhere with my musician boyfriend.” Well, I'm a third of the way there!)

I'm working on my college application as I type this out. I'm putting all of my eggs into one basket, but hell, I think I've got a good chance. We'll see how things go.

See you all next week (hopefully)!!