The Cover Page

wordweaver_four on Jan. 23, 2011

KK is back!

Here's the original cover page.

In the first draft of this page the part at the bottom where it says “Where all your votes count” it instead read “Where all your furry dreams come true”.

Harkovast thought that it would give people the wrong impression about the comic so we changed it.

As much as I tried I couldn't convince him to allow any nudity in Kombat Kubs.

(But as I re-post the pages I'll show you where I snuck some in)

Anyway, those that remember Kombat Kubs will certainly remember the insane voting system we tried, for those that are new to the comic let me try to explain what we did.

The basic concept was that we would introduce two characters (fighters), and the readers would decide by votes who would win, and who would die. Since we weren't sure how to do this we made a simple forum where readers could vote. The rules were simple. You could vote as many times as you wished, but you couldn't vote twice in a row. So once you voted you couldn't vote again until another reader cast a vote.

There were obvious problems with this system.

In the first battle we had very few readers, so the voting went pretty smoothly. I think we ended up tallying up around 80 or so votes. In the second battle things got insane. Several fans had decided to spam the voting with tag team voting. Some of em spending hours trading votes back and forth. We also had vote wars with 4 or 5 fans who were voting for different characters filling up multiple forum pages in one night. I ended up having to count over 1000 votes.

And I wanted to kill them for it.