Out of the Blue

kawaiidaigakusei on May 9, 2013

I know this question is not the expected conversation on a regular fast food outing, but I have had this whole scene play in my head for months now and I finally wanted to get it drawn out.
Again, I went through a couple of months of not updating regularly. It was with very good reason, I assure you. So I am now getting back in the swing of pushing the mechanical pencils to the paper. I am getting used to the new paper I am using and I am liking this new style. I still find it funny how the updates I was making early on this year are starting to look a bit different than what I am drawing right now. I would say that drawing is a bit like riding a bike, but I never learned how to ride a bike so it would be a shoddy comparison.
Life has handed me a gigantic bag of lemons this time around, but I like lemons because they are yellow and they can make a cup of green tea taste different, yet good. So what I can say is that life is good, I am still working on AutoCAD projects and I get to update this thing, so thumbs up all around.
I am still interested in this new evolved art drawing style. What I find the most interesting is how I pictured this story being drawn out in an older style, but now I can see the story in this one.