DragonChan on Dec. 11, 2008

Hey everyone =D Long time no see!

Ok, here's the skinny… For some reason, Firefox does not agree with DrunkDuck… so Imaginary Tactics will NO LONGER BE POSTED HERE.

But worry not! For those of you who haven't caught the news, the comic is alive and running over at SmackJeeves. Here's a link for reference, if you're like me and too lazy to hop over there on your own and do a search…

So.. yeah. Hope to see you there! *flees*

EDIT: Ok, I'm ammending something… For some reason, MY firefox doesn't want to work with drunkduck. And using IE causes my computer to eat itself. I get crashes and just a bunch of loopy stuff that makes updating a giant headache, and I don't want to deal with that… So. Yeah. Smackjeeves? =D