Ch01 Pg39-40

Pinax on Aug. 20, 2009

And finally …!

From my point of view, within the bound of only this single chapter, the previous 30s pages are just a setup so I can put this character in XP lol! That was long … I should've made a lighter plot where I can just get her to crash into the main character's house on page 2, but I have yet to fall that low :P

I realized I messed up her proportion a bit, but was too late to fix by that time. Well, nvm -_- … What were the guesses so far? I think I remember ability, dragon, power, curse, and digimon.

From previous page:
>Re second panel: How many layers WAS that?
I'm not really sure since some were flattened in the process, but maybe total of around 40s
And lol! I love the pun “disarmed”, never crossed my mind :)