09-07: Kaanis Flashback Part 2, Robin Hood Stuff

iagojester on June 28, 2021

Captain Wolfe is too good for museum hours. He makes his own viewing time. After dark.

Disclaimer: I do not condone the theft of art, nor do I wish to make light of the very real and serious crimes that have occurred in my comic. I had some mixed feelings when it came to drawing about the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum heist. It is one of the largest unsolved art crimes in our modern age… (possibly ~the~ largest?) and sometimes I fear that by setting our fictional crew in a real setting, I'm going to make light of a very terrible crime. But then I remember that every single art crime I've mentioned in this comic is a serious one, and the only difference between this one and the other ones is… time? The Isabella Stewart Gardner heist is still very fresh. My only hope is that by putting more knowledge out there I am drawing out more interest in the story, and more interest can only create more knowledge, and knowledge could lead to the eventual reclamation of the lost paintings. Hopeful.