Endless Winter #4 - Page 03:

rainingbells on May 11, 2009

I wasn't in a good frame of mind week-before-last to be working on pages, and then at work I got transferred to another department full-time because the economic situation has brought a series of layoffs at work and those of us that are left are being cross-trained in other areas to try and compensate. So I spent a few days being shuffled around different places, doing handwork for three days in a row, and then on another day, breaking apart pallets of paper, and then re-stacking them on smaller pallets for the bigger presses by hand. 90,000 sheets. Approximately 25,000 lbs. of paper in one 8 hour shift. So between the handwork, and that, and the training on the 2-color presses which require much more hands-on clean-up than the digital presses I've been running the last couple of years, now the arthritis in my hand is really acting up.

But enough griping and grumbling. I missed the last update, Hexx took care of that one for me. So I have to thank you folks for your kind words regarding being featured. I appreciate it. I also need to welcome all you new ones here, and I hope y'all enjoy the work in Endless Winter and perhaps migrate over to Sune as well, which takes place in the same universe, just a few years down the road (though it's currently on hold until I finish this issue of Endless Winter, it's about five issues along itself). Stick around.

And thank you, Ozone. That was just damn cool.