Issue 96

Senretsu on Jan. 28, 2009

Yup. Last issue was pretty funny. It only makes sense this issue have no funny. But for what it's worth, I re-read the D&D archives today. Doing that does 3 things:
1. Remind me where I was taking the story
2. Remind me how good the series was when I was running it.
3. Make all my funny jokes just a little bit more old to me.

Anyway, I was having trouble thinking of what to do in the story today. I just randomly decided to make a D&D. This was done in one take. And I decided I should stop being so critical of my own idea's and just fucking update already. XD

So yeah, there you go, I plan to update more this week. In all my comic's. I have a feeling I'm gonna update Shadowrun first though, so keep an eye out chums! I know I say this alot, but I'm not dead! I will update! I just want your 5's when I do decide to get back on the horse. XD

Yes the “fairy tale” has a point. Why would I put it in if it didn't? Be patient good grasshoppa'z!