More Updates (Some Involving Due East)!

dueeast on June 26, 2020

The Due East comic itself may have concluded, but that doesn't mean everything about it is over.

What do I mean by that? Well for starters, I made a video trailer for the webcomic a few months ago (right-click the text below and open in a new tab to see it).

Due East webcomic trailer (right-click on link and open in new tab)

In addition to that, I have some plans to do a YouTube series about Due East on my YouTube channel in the near-future! It would be kind of like a re-watch series, but with a few extra things to spice it up. I'll give more details when I've prepared enough episodes to get underway.

I hope everyone is doing well. Between COVID-19 and the current US racial issues, it's been a tough time for so many. My family and I are alright and in good health. All things considered, we've been pretty blessed, so no complaints.

One of the ways I've spent my time during COVID-19 is writing a new book. It's called The Former Things and it's a Christian slice-of-life novel. I did an author interview on The Brian Shepard Show this week. I talked a little about the book and more. Right-click the graphic below and open in a new tab to see the short video.

Interview with Brian Shepard (The Former Things) (right-click on link and open in new tab)

I've also got a new book being released this Fall. It's called Jordan's Deliverance. You can see its cover here in the update. It's Book 3 in the Jordan of Algoran series. It's a Christian Science-Fantasy being published by Ambassador International. I did not do the art for the cover. The digital artist is Chris Jackson and he did all the Jordan covers.

Jordan's Deliverance trailer (right-click on link and open in new tab)

That's all for now. See you soon!

- Allen aka dueeast