Niccea on Nov. 1, 2015

I went ahead and used hashtags for the headings, because, even though it was never confirmed, the Drunk Duck Awards were hosted on the #Pageant runway.

Thanks to you all for a fantastic year!

Best Presenter Award

Congratuations to fallopiancrusader! You won our first ever Best Presenter Award!

Your banner:

People Said

Such a no brainer. What this guy can do with one panel, just one illustration and keep it all about the nominees. Absolutely fabulous. Oh and he knows to draw really nice pictures too.

fallopiancrusader always delivers stellar art with the most amazing architectural background scenes for the awards show. He is a true asset to the Drunk Duck Awards and the community as a whole.

Final Annoucement

Thanks guys for joining me on yet another ride. I added the rest of the input for the Presenter Award voting to the Ultimate List of Nominees in the Networking