Filler/ Comic Sample Page 2

MaiChan on Sept. 24, 2008

Okay this will be the last sample of the one-shot manga that i am working on, then i will focus on the main story ‘Drama Queen Yuri’ and well, if you guys are interested in my one-shot, then you guys will just have to buy it for $2.50 from me (don't worry, S+H will not be included in the payment).

IMPORTANT! - i'm still preparing the one-shot so that comixpress can print it so give me at least three weeks til the printing is done. Also my little groups mangaka name is ‘Panboomanga’ and we will be launching soon. Sadly we don't have a website yet but soon we will.

Anyway, it has a total of 16 pages. The story itself is 14 pages plus 2 pages filled with extras. IQ me if u r interested, so i can get a good number of how many prints i need to order. If a lot of you guys can't aford the 2.50 then i'll find a way to put it up on-line…maybe.

Damn…this is long. X(