Faust on Jan. 7, 2008

I take full responsibility for not letting you guys know in advance, because honestly, it is my responsibility. There's no good reason for the laziness, other than that the whole essence of vacation-time got to me.

One thing that bugs me as a webcomic reader, as well as an artist, is that whenever somebody gets called out for being late (Dueling Analogs) or just not updating (VGcats), they typically drop the “It's free” card. Yes, we do provide free entertainment, but you also have an obligation to your readers to at least let them know what's going on. Nobody should ever be asked to put any facet of their personal lives on a public domain, because honestly, it doesn't matter. But seriously, it takes just a couple seconds to say “Um…busy with shit. Can't do a comic today.”

I acknowledge the hypocrisy here, but aside from the past two weeks, I like to think I've been really good about updating.

And one final announcement, which is really a call to arms for all you guys reading this. It would mean loads to me if, once the site gets online, you could tell your friends about it. I know that sounds cheesy, like I'm trying to push used vacuum cleaners, but word of mouth is some of the best advertising there is, and it's also free.

So long, Drunkduck. It's been great.