AshleeS on Sept. 18, 2012

Hey, guys. It's been a long time, hasn't it?
I'm here to say I'm gonna have another go at thisor rather, I *have* been having another go at this. Deadpill is my baby when it comes to comics, and I've been working slowly but surely on updating it based on what I feel needed adjusting and bettering. When I started this comic in 2007, I had no real idea where to take it, and I was a different person in a lot of ways. Now that I'm 20 and not 14? I've found myself dissatisfied with how I wrote things. Drew things. Portrayed certain things that I would have done differently now.
So, I'm starting this bad boy up again. I'm gonna give it the 1-2 punch and, regardless of my slowness or general loserness, keep trying. Starting right now, Deadpill is officially being re-done. In a few days time I will slowly delete older pages, make way for the new, and store them somewhere special and safe for me to look back on. If you wanna de-watch it because SERIOUSLY, RE-VAMP?, I'll be sad to see ya' go, but you do what you wanna do, man.
With that in mind? Lets start it up. Deadpill will have an update every two days, 40 pages so far. Hope you like!