Page 8! Merry X~Mas again!!

Artie Drawings on Dec. 24, 2007

My mom LOVED the manga I gave her~~ yay!! Oh, I'm sorry for not submitting the song the last time, so here it is.
I got a lotta iPod stuff for X~mas, a new sett of headphones (since only ONE earphone was working and stayed intact with mostly scotch tape), and a cute iPod case with rhinestone studs ^-^ (It makes me wanna shout “PIMPIN'!” but… I'm not like that…I'M A GIRL!) Me and my brother also got a Nintendo WIii! We're gonna go play it now~ But, before that, THE NEW PLAYLIST SONG!
Playlist song #4
Title: Dopo Il Sogno
Singer: Yoshitaka Kitanami
Original anime: Gunslinger Girl (ending)
OK. I WANTED to use “Ichirin no Hana” from Bleach, but I'll wait until a bit later in the chapter when there's more blood. ^^ AND… one of my inspirations for this comic was Gunslinger Girl, so I thought this would be perfect!! waai! By The way!! This is in ITALIAN. NOT ENGLISH OR JAPANESE. CI has a lotta European themes, so why not? Here we go!