It's A Delicacy

Amelius on May 31, 2024

I don't suppose any of you noticed I was missing for a bit there, but there were things happening and it made focusing on working on comics incredibly difficult. So where have I been?

First was minor surgery, had a bit of a medical concern and we decided to take preventative measures instead of just “keep an eye on it” and had the (benign at the moment) growth (in the chest area) removed. I didn't pick up the hardcore pain meds even though I had the option, decided to tank it (it hurt but it only got REAL painful a few times) and right as I was recovering from this, my beautiful orange cat Zam! had a stroke, and then died while we were waiting for the emergency vet to have an opening to see her. I have not coped well with this and it's a pain that keeps resurfacing because I was holding her when she was dying, I just still can't believe this happened to her.

Also I've been depressed and was in a really poor state of mind even before that. Pain and poor sleep have combined to make focusing on work very very difficult. A couple miscommunications with home improvement set me back a tiny bit too (someone shut off the power right in the middle of me saving some work…)

There were other things but they seem small in comparison to certain things that still loom large in my mind.

I have 2 other unfinished comic pages I attempted before I got to this one, and managed to finish this one only because my heart was simply more motivated to do this sequence. I was trying something new on the other pages and that was just not working out, but I'm gonna try and salvage them because there was still a lot of work put into them.

So yeah, that's most of what caused my long absence. I kinda feel weird about posting notices here in lieu of an actual update anymore… feels like if I had time to make a notice that time should be spent making art for the comic? I dunno! Time is just passing in a really odd way for me.

As always I appreciate you all for reading, and especially for the kind words and comments on pages. It's nice to have a reason to keep going with this– I've been having a lot of self doubt lately (more than the usual amount at least) and it's, I suppose, comforting that some of you care about this thing I'm making.