Go Ahead, Make Mye's Day

Amelius on March 15, 2023

Ugh, frickin' finally, I was editing stuff right up to this point still because this page was remarkably resistant to meeting my standards. Also, I had some intense pain in my hip/glute muscles last month that made it difficult to sit to work (and sleep) for like 2 weeks straight, but was completely no problem for walking and standing. So needless to say not a lot of “quality” work was getting done in February* by me!! Also, I hate my past self for including feathers in this character design. The good news is, I found a better way to handle them in the future.
*headache brain I wrote wrong month lol

Don't worry, no longer in pain (well aside from a blossoming migraine at the moment but I've got ice tucked in my hoodie right now) and I'm hoping the weather improves and along with that my mood, so tired of acclimating to spring weather only for it to snow again. I do feel guilty about the long wait, but it's not a tiny page so I don't feel THAT bad XD

Anyway, the consensus has been reached, Fay is indeed a twerp. Azelea may try to smooth things over to get back in her royal good-graces, but for now all Fay can threaten her with is impotent rage. She wouldn't risk using the Orb for something stupid now, would she?

Mye may not remember the conversation verbatim (memory often isn't perfect) but Mr. Chavez said “Orrotta” enough times for that word to stick. But you all know that as far as consulting the Orrotta for help goes, that's probably not the wisest course of action– the last Orrotta (we know of) that was Zeno's staunchest ally is in chunks now.