we are the undead

Sketchythescribbler on Sept. 4, 2009

Amazing, isn't it?
During the month or so of inactivity, I've managed to both greatly improve my art as well as re-think a bit of the story. Both will be incorperated into the comic. I'll try harder to get stuff posted.

And in case you were wondering, the picture above is of Main character #2, otherwise known as ‘The Stranger’.
His real name will be reveiled later.
And yes, his skin is grey, and no it's not makeup.

Colored stuff is pretty rare for me, so think of this as a ‘Sorry I’m so damn lazy' gift.

Kaede Higuchi: >__> I don't die, I hibernate. (I love your icon btw)

theBSDude: …

jninjashadow: much appreciated. :)