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bravo1102 on Sept. 24, 2020

Belle meets some of her co-stars. The redhead Shauna (she finally has a name!) will be in a lot of Belle's movies. Larya– hey isn't that Searsha's girlfriend in Sword of Kings? Well, everyone starts somewhere. Larya and Searsha won't start dating in real life for a few years yet.

There is an entire time line for the Belle's life and career.

Author's note: Sara Letalon is the Earth pseudonym of Commander Searsha Letalon of the Aordian Security and Intelligence Group.
As mentioned in Tales of SIG Aordians haven't had marriage in thousands of years. They have partnerships for the conception and raising of children. Since Searsha is a serving officer and Lora's father was lost in the past war, Lora spends most of her time with extended family. Since Searsha has taken a station posting as sector chief, she brought her daughter to stay with her. This will be covered in future pages when Jenny from Tales of SIG will also appear.

However it must be emphasized that this is before the events in Battle of the Robofemoids and Tales of SIG

There is a whole time-line. I had to figure out the order in which Belle's movies came out so I could make sense of her career.