Leaving The Duck. :(

zaymac on July 29, 2011

Well that took longer than expected. I hope to get this webcomic out on a bit more of a regular basis, but we will see. I once again apologize, and thank all of you who are still with me.
But to the other issue at hand. I am sorry to say that I will no longer be updating BVZ on The Duck, cuz lets face it… I'm having a hard enough time still updating this comic at all. :)
I've had my own website for awhile now, but have been putting this decision off because I appreciate the support that everyone on this site has given me. As some of you may or my not know, I found out in June that me and my wife will be expecting our first child in February of next year. So it kind of sent my world upside down for a bit, and I really had to evaluate what I was going to do with my webcomic. I realized that once Feb comes, I will be certainly strapped for time, yet until that point I am going to try and get back to getting out more consistent updates.
But during my hiatus, I also decided that even though I have enjoyed and greatly appreciated all of the support I have received on Drunk Duck, it is time for me to move on.
So I thank you, and I hope that you will still support the webcomic as I try and get back on track the next few months.
A new update can be currently found at http://www.bearvszombies.com
I thank you all again, and take care.
Sincerely, Isaiah McAllister