Mondenkind on Aug. 15, 2010

I was in a rush to make this, got only a few hours to finish it when I needed a whole day. Not as good as I wanted.

I wanted to portray a sense of wonder with the addition of color. Like, right after they stepped into the hall, the world came alive again or something, hence the new color. But it did not come across as well as I'd hoped.

Instead of ‘wow! it’s in color now, this reminds me of the color transition in The Wizard of OZ!'…I got something more along the lines of ‘wow! look how shiny them there marble tiles are.’

>.< At least in my eyes that's what happened. But overall I guess I did an okay job. Maybe even a good job.

Oh yeah, if you liked the black and white and weird font thing better, don't worry. It is going to come back in certain flashbacks and whatnot. But for the majority of the comic, I wanted color and a more manga-y lookin' font.