Arcadia Regime

nightmarevava on Sept. 23, 2010

Set in the Megaman Zero series. The Earth has suffer 100 years of war at the hands of Sigma but ended after the creation of the Mother Elf. The two both fighting side by side to defeat the insane Dr. Weil and Omega during the Elf Wars and eventual banishment. This was a tragic war as only 20of reploids and 10of humans remain on the former blue planet. As they began to rebuild the world X, Zero and the remaining hunters built the only haven on the planet Neo Arcadia. One day X had pondered to his reason for being on this war-torn planet and what was wrong with their energy shortage on his own he began to believe his life will always be in the abyss of fighting and out of no where began a rule of Neo arcadia with a Iron Fist killing 50of the reploid population of only 500,000 to save the little energy that they had left. Zero and a few hunters tried to convince X of stopping this but despite their efforts X had them all arrested and set for termination, Zero was the only one to escape after the harsh battle that took X's left eye. Zero returned to see that the hunter base was being attacked by Pantheon soldiers he was able to save most of the hunters. With this new threat over head Zero, Kisumi, Alia, and Ciel now stands as a beacon of hope to the denizens of Earth's new found oppressive ruler. The world is now a barren wasteland with almost all of it's resources depleted and constant skirmishes between Mavericks, Humans, Arcadians, and Resistance armies, victory is beyond the reach of any wars.