The End?

Walrus on March 19, 2009

The ratings for this comic continue to drop every day. It takes me nearly an hour just to make this fucking comic… I'm so tired of making a comic that no one ever reads, plus I don't even know if anyone actually likes this comic… So what's the point in making a comic that maybe three people read regularly but don't really care much for it. I'm just so tired and stressed out whenever I make a page. It consumes too much time out of the day for what, a couple of page views?!? Just take a look at WWE The Comic and Sinnoh Surfer, they're page view climb every day, even if they haven't updated in weeks. It's just time I moved on to something I actually enjoy making. So until I'm absolutely positive that I have established a fan base with this comic, it will be on a Hiatus.