ASOM Anouncement

Ink_wolf on June 18, 2016

As it says above, I’m diving back into things whether I deserve it or not.
Yes, ASOM is getting rebooted in a hundred days or so. The old pages will remain on the site and possibly Drunk Duck too, but they may be shuffled around to make way for the new.
In the name of posterity (and bleeding eye sores) I’ll be “entertaining” you all with my lousy first attempt at a comic I made years ago. I can’t say it’s good, but you can follow the link and see for yourself.

Now, I won’t be idle these some hundred odd days—I need that time to plan out ASOM at large, write scripts, nail down details, hunt down backgrounds, edit sprites, make expressions, and make pages themselves (with all the micro steps involved in that process). As said above, I’ll post status updates, updated sprite sheets, mini-comics and more in my pit at least once a week. Check it out if you please.

Of particular interest to you may be the explanation for my absence. The short version—Life happens.

To those of you who are still here, Thanks. It means a lot to me. For those of you just joining us—welcome.