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houseofmuses on Feb. 12, 2023

Find out how to become a Patron and read EVERY SINGLE EPISODE of A Deviant Mind!

Follow the exciting CGI Science Fiction/Space Opera series voted Best Comic on Drunk Duck Awards 2010, created by Prism Comics Queer Press Grant Award 2008 winner Pam Harrison.

Just like Patreon, A Deviant Mind the webcomic runs on patron subscriptions powered by S2Member level options which you'll find on the Membership Options Page.
To win new readers though, I adapted the Saturday Matinee option to let readers check out the later issues (the first SEVEN full episodes are free) with only a two-day Matinee option. If you like what you see, come back as often as you want! Your support of A Deviant Mind gets you these tiers of perks:

1. Bronze Member / Saturday Matinee $.50 for two day FULL COMIC access, non-recurring. No commitment! Binge all day, all weekend long! Or any day of the week!
Be sure to explore your Bronze Member Landing Page and take advantage of Members Only access and FREE digital downloads! After your two-day pass expires, you are free to come back and get another pass anytime! Remember, if you want more, all you have to do is upgrade your VIP Membership! Enjoy the series.