Infatuation Sandwiches page 8

Banes on May 21, 2015

Back at last!

Ohhhhh, man. I worked and worked but couldn't get this page going. LOTS of rewriting and failed attempts at drawing.

I finally used mostly pre-existing drawings with slight alterations and stuck it all together.

Sometimes ya gotta grit yer teeth and force yer way through a page! Great relief to finish this one.

When I was a kid, the first stuff I stayed up late to watch were horror movies, and David Letterman. I think I first saw him on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. I remember having no interest in Johnny at all; I just didn't get it. But that guy Dave was electric! So damn funny and wacky. I became a superfan in later years, and will always love the guy. Watched his final show last night and it was great. End of an era…I was surprised how emotional I've been about it the last couple weeks.

Pretty soon…page 500!