Issue 01red - Page 09

JustNoPoint on Jan. 27, 2015

Meet Feng Mao. Or Mao Feng since last names are spoken 1st in Chinese. Though they're in Europe so it's probably Feng Mao, right? I don't know how this stuff works (and I don't really care since it's not needed in the story :P)
For those that saw these flashback pages long ago when they were originally posted you get a treat cause this page is NEW! 
This was my 1st page to draw in a LONG time. Turned out fairly well IMO
Hope you enjoy!
Vickie: If life things hadn't hit me so hard I'd probably be past 1200 as well ;_; Though the story would have been quite different if I kept on my original path!

tupapayon:Thanks for being patient! And yes: Yo Momma is a great answer!!!