The Cull - Page 27

Singring on Sept. 21, 2014

Saphyr lies roundly defeated…thinking back to her encounter with an Old One on the first few pages, this makes it two defeats for two - so maybe Saphyr isn't such a great Huntress after all? Or will she get a chance to redeem herself?
I always have fun drawing dramatic panels and trying to use foreshortenming to the best effect. I feel I'm still learning and can still find ways to infuse more dynamism while not becoming to ‘cartoonish’ in my drawings. There will be planty of pages to practice that in the future…
I also am quite happy with the way the blood trails describe the path of the fist through the first panel - a neat way of showing motion without motion lines and the like (if I may say so myself).
Anyway, hope you like where this story (seems to?) be going. The first chapter is almost complete now, but there is much more to be told in the chapters to come.