The Cull - Chapter 2 - Page 21

Singring on Aug. 30, 2015

Man, this page took me forever and a day to finish on the computer - but now it's done!
Always fun to draw the Huntress Prime in full ceremonial outfit - and I also enjoyed designing the ‘Lowlanders’, who sport a different type of body modification. Also very painful. Also very angry. So it seems we have a fight on our hands…place your bets!
We've seen two face to the Prime now - this is the public face…if you've followed along since Chapter 1, you'll know that those tears are probably not as genuine as they may seem.
NOTE: the next update will really start to justify the M rating for this comic. It's going to be full-on, no gory details spared and totally OTT…so be warned if it's not your cuppa!
Everyone else - see you in two weeks!