Wrong test

Jake Richmond on Aug. 27, 2015

-I’m switching my site to a new host this weekend, so if something goes wrong (which I’m sure it won’t) that’s why. If you do spot an error please let me know!
-It looks like I’ll be in San Jose for APE in early October (thanks to amazing and generous fan support from my recent GoFundMe). The booth is paid for, transportation is set, lodging is worked out. Everything is go. I’ve been wanting to go to APE since I was in college. This s actually my second attempt (I got sick the first time and had to stay home). I’m really looking forward to it and will have some cool new stuff to show off!
-Speaking of the GoFundMe, it’s still running and will stay up till the end of the month. It’s well over it’s goal, but excess funds are going toward helping me finally ship out the rewards from my last Kickstarter. As many of you know, events, my own poor planning and bad luck conspired to make my last kickstarter kind of a disaster, and I’ve been struggling to afford to ship the rewards to my backers for the last 8 months. Right now I have about half of the rewards shipped, but a lot of what is left is expensive overseas stuff. So any donations are greatly appreciated!