Gold'n Finale

Strain42 on June 6, 2014

I wanted a good callback to the original ending of P4TW on this one. Of course much like when the ending of P4 came around in real time, we already know we're going to be seeing these characters again in Additional Add-On down the line.
So here we are, folks. At five years and two months exactly, this is the very last Persona FTW comic that will be updated on DrunkDuck. I've had a lot of good memories on this site, so many of you guys have made accounts here to tell me that you like my stuff, I know for a fact I've even inspired some of you to make webcomics of your own. But I have to move on from The Duck. Ever since the big server move back in summer of 2011 it hasn't been the same. I don't think we've gotten back anything we were promised, we're still plagued with crashes and downtime. I have to move on.
So for those of you who don't know yet, Persona 2 Win will be updating on ComicFury, under the Persona FTW title, and eventually all of Persona 3 FTW and Persona 4TW will be moved over as well. I'm hoping many of you will make the leap with me to the new site.
At the time of writing this I can't tell you when Persona 2 Win will officially start. I'm going to use much of the summer to work on it, but I can only promise it will start by the end of the year. Once it finishes (and with 5 comics a week, it will probably take a while) then we'll start the comics based on Ultimax. To keep in the loop on updates, don't forget to Like the Strain42 Comics page on Facebook. I'll post any news or updates there.
I love you all. To those of you who've been reading for five years, to someone who may have discovered this comic yesterday. You Strainers are the reason why I'm still making these comics, and why it's still a blast for me. I wouldn't be here without you. I hope you've enjoyed Gold'n and I hope you'll enjoy future comics to come.